Benefits of Massage


  • reduce the effects of stress
  • increase circulation
  • increase flexibility
  • reduce tendonitis pain;  like  golfers or tennis elbow
  • ease the effects of Fibromyalgia

foster serenity and balance

Massage over the ages

Massage has long been recognized for its health enhancing effects. For thousands of years many cultures have used hands on therapy to sooth aches and pains and facilitae the body’s own healing powers. Many hospitals and health clinics in Europe have massage in their facilities. In our culture massage is viewed as a complementary therapy used to maintain and improve health. Many health centers are beginning to integrate massage into their menu for its healing benefits.

Anyone who has rubbed the stiff neck of a friend knows by experience that massage relieves pain and muscle tension. We unconsciously rub our own tense muscles when they are overworked or when we feel stressed.

Can Massage Help You ?

If you suffer from stress or it’s related illnesses, or aches and pains from daily living, massage may help. You may simply wish to relax and increase your feeling of well being.

Having a massage helps us slow down and look within. We, as an increasingly technological society, need human touch now more than ever.