About Us

Our Philosophy
The path to Wellness

Each of us is on a journey. The choices we make in life, the paths we choose, help develop the people we are and the degree of health we appreciate. Health is after all a process, not a destination. It is ever changing, for the better or worse.

Massage therapy is but one way toward the path of better health. It can help ease the effects of life’s stresses, be they in our physical, mental or spiritual lives. We believe the whole person benefits from massage.

Each Therapist has his or her own style of work and each client is unique as well. Therefore, we tailor your massage to fit your needs, based on a health history and our interview with you. Most massages incorporate many different methods of bodywork that a therapist develops just for you.

We at Healing Path Massage simply want to help make your journey a comfortable, health one. Crossing your path, gives us the opportunity to know and assist you on your healing path.