We are a group of therapists hoping to help you in your healing path. We are all on a journey of health, either going toward a more healthy state or becoming more dis-eased.

The choices we make the paths we take help mold our lives and health.  Hopefully we can make your journey a more pleasant and comfortable one.

How Massage might help you

During stressful times it is quite natural to expend a great deal of mental energy. High levels of stress often short-circuit our bodies natural healing response.

The massage and bodywork we offer helps us to ‘reconnect’ our mind to our body, allowing it to function as an efficient, balanced and productive organism.

We have something for everyone

Some of the types of massage and bodywork we offer

Swedish massage, Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Myofascial Release, Thai massage, Shiatsu, Positional Release, Sport Massage, Deep Tissue massage, pregnancy, couples massage, chair massage,  on-site chair massage, home visits, and more.